50 Best Computer-Based Training Tools

Are you going to kick-start digital learning in your company from scratch or just want to move a part of your employee training online? Either way, you’ll need computer-based training tools to upload or create learning materials and complement their delivery.

We’ve compiled 50 software solutions which can help you maximize training quality and output, and for convenience, divided them into four separate categories, from LMSs to virtual classrooms and microlearning platforms. Share them on social media or bookmark this article to come back later.

LMSs with an Authoring Tool

A learning management system (LMS) is a web-based software platform that allows you to upload, manage and distribute learning materials to users. If you’re planning to create eLearning content in-house, you’ll need an LMS with a built-in/integrated tool for developing e-courses.

It can be a simple editor for making essential quizzes and courses, or a full-fledged authoring tool for instructional designers that enables them to build high-quality ‘sticky’ content. What to choose is up to you. We can just offer you a brief overview of 22 LMSs with an authoring option.

1. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a straightforward cloud-based LMS. You can start training your employees immediately after registration. In iSpring Learn, you can upload an unlimited number of training materials: presentations, text documents, video and audio files, as well as SCORM-courses. You can assign the content to your learners and keep track of how well your employees are doing.

iSpring Learn is integrated with an authoring toolkit that allows you to build multi-device interactive courses, quizzes, and conversation simulations, and publish them right to the LMS.

2. Lessonly

Lessonly is an LMS designed mainly for sales teams, customer support teams, and human resources staff. It has all the capabilities for providing employee training including content creation. You can create custom lessons by combining text, images, videos, documents, quiz questions, and SCORM. It also has a built-in tool for webcam and screen recording.

3. Tovuti

Tovuti is web-based training software that allows you to build your own online training site and add the learning content there. The platform has a robust authoring tool that offers more than 50 different types of training activities and assignments (from interactive video and memory games to clickable images and drag-and-drop quizzes) that can be used to build e-courses. You can also upload your own videos, Powerpoints, PDFs, SCORM files, and much more. The look of the site is fully customizable.

4. EduBrite

EduBrite provides training tools for businesses and educational institutions. It has all the standard features of an LMS. The browser-based course builder enables users to create simple quizzes, courses, and surveys. You can also import existing presentations, videos, Word documents, SCORM, and AICC courses. To go beyond the traditional LMS, you can buy the Open Learning Package. All your customers, partners, and employees will get free access to your learning materials, knowledgebase, and communities.

5. LearningStone

LearningStone is an instant platform for training and coaching. With its easy-to-use course editor, storage, calendaring, and social wall, you can create an advanced environment for online learning and collaboration. The built-in authoring tool has a unique block system that allows you to make a timeline. There’s a separate block for different tasks — a survey, an assignment, a text, a calendar event, a video, a document, or even scheduled messages.


MATRIX is a learning platform for managing all eLearning activities, from delivering effective training to selling online courses. It has an essential content authoring tool that lets you build courses from audio, video, Office documents, Google Docs, and OneDrive files. You can create courses based off of templates that can be reused anytime you need to make a new course as fast as possible. It’s also possible to design micro courses to deliver the content to your learners in small pieces.

7. Thought Industries

Thought Industries offers two learning platforms to deliver every aspect of training: the Learning Business Platform for educating employees, and the Customer Learning Platform for training software and tech customers. Both platforms have an integrated authoring suite for creating courses and assessments. To enhance the learning experience, you can upload the existing content including SCORM courses.

8. SyberWorks Training Center

SyberWorks Training Center (STC) is a web-based learning management system (LMS)/document management system (DMS) that has all the necessary options for managing and tracking all types of training, from eLearning to face-to-face training and self-paced studying. STC includes tools for testing and contains optional electronic quizzes to test comprehension. All tests and documents can be signed and verified with an electronic signature.

9. WizIQ

WizIQ is an LMS and virtual classroom software. It offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver both self-paced training and synchronous collaborative learning online. In addition to standard LMS features, WizIQ has such options as video conferencing, automated server-side recording, and an interactive online whiteboard. You can create your own courses by uploading and combining different kinds of learning materials. To assess your learners’ progress, you can create online tests right in the platform.

10. EthosCE

EthosCE is a full-featured LMS designed to deliver continuing education in nursing, pharmacy, and other medical professions. With its authoring tool, you can easily build multimedia courses with online quizzes to assess learners at any time during the course, including pre- and post-test assessments. For each course or even full programs on various disciplines, you can apply credits (CE, CME, CNE, and others), which later will be automatically combined with the credits stored in ACCME web services.

11. Trainual

Trainual is an essential LMS for automating employee onboarding and training. It doesn’t support SCORM and other eLearning formats but allows you to create longreads with embedded images and videos, as well as make tests with multiple choice questions. There’s a library option in Trainual that lets you keep all useful documents in one place. Users can request access to the files they need, and an administrator can approve or deny access.

12. Coassemble

Coassemble combines an LMS and authoring tools into one easy-to-master platform. It provides 40+ interactive and customizable templates with a drag-and-drop function for quick creation of e-courses. You can add eLearning videos, images, charts, and other multimedia elements, as well as add tests and quizzes. All templates are mobile-responsive, which means users can access all training materials from their mobile devices without sacrificing the quality of any added media. You can also import existing SCORM -files.

13. Velpic

Velpic is a cloud-hosted LMS designed to simplify and streamline corporate training. It makes eLearning more fun and engaging with its video-based approach. Velpic incorporates user-friendly software that allows you to create interactive training videos. To check your learners’ knowledge, you can add quizzes, assessments, and random questions. You can also upload existing PDFs, PowerPoints, Word documents, and SCORM lessons to the system.

14. CourseGenius

CourseGenius is a complete online training solution that lets you create, sell, deliver and track online courses. With the drag-and-drop course builder, you can create eLearning content with interactions, videos, pictures, and more. To enhance the learning experience, you can build simple quizzes for your online courses or add additional features such as certificates and surveys.

15. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is a fully customizable eLearning platform mostly focused on e-commerce. Users can customize almost any aspect of their Academy of Mine site and create a unique learning platform or online shop that matches their industry, theme, or branding. It has a unique course builder that allows you to create text-based lessons, and video lessons, as well as SCORM and Tin Can courses.

16. Courselle

Courselle is a cloud LMS with a built-in authoring tool. You can upload existing PPT, PDF, and SCORM courseware and wrap them with tests, or use the editor to make courses from scratch. With the authoring tool, you can quickly create eLearning content with multimedia lessons, tests, expert-graded and peer-graded assignments, surveys, and other learning activities. Before building a course, you can create a course map right on the platform that will help you save time on storyboarding.

17. Schoox

Schoox is a talent development platform with easy-to-use tools for knowledge sharing, course creation, and collaboration. You can create courses out of any type of content: docs, PDFs, PPTs, videos, SCORM, xAPI YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and more. With the course builder, you can also create tests and provide knowledge checks for your employees. The platform has a content curation option that allows learners to create and share their own content and learn from their peers as well. Schoox collaborates with many content providers, so you can buy courses on almost any topic you need right on their website.

18. Eliademy

Eliademy is an eLearning platform that allows educators to build, share and manage online courses. With its essential editing tool, you can create eLearning content by combining text and multimedia. On the platform, you can also conduct live sessions, create and assign tasks and quizzes, and have online discussions about any course-related issues. Eliademy is already the home to thousands of courses in over thirty languages. You can choose a course on the topic you need and assign it to your learners.

19. SmartUp

SmartUp is a knowledge sharing platform with a simple built-in authoring tool. It allows you to create longreads by uploading and combining content in a range of formats, such as text, videos, infographics, and pictures. You can enhance your employees’ learning experience with quizzes and tests.

20. Axis LMS

Axis LMS is a tailored solution for the business needs of different industries and various use cases. It has a built-in course builder which is quite simple for beginner content creators. With its drag-and-drop functionality, they can combine PowerPoints, videos, images and more, and Axis LMS turns them into learning activities inside the course. You can also create surveys and quizzes and upload pre-packaged SCORM content.

21. eloomi

eloomi is an LMS and performance management platform that is aimed at simplifying employee onboarding, skill training, and reaching performance goals. eloomi’s authoring features allow you to create eLearning courses. With the course builder, you can blend different types of content to create a unique learning experience. eloomi’s performance management options enable you to evaluate and rate employees’ performance, give feedback, and provide coaching sessions.

22. Intuto

Intuto is an online training platform which combines the options of administration and course authoring. With the built-in templates, you can craft e-courses, make quizzes for assessing learner understanding, and create custom-branded certificates to issue to staff after they complete courses. Training can be carried out in public or private.

We’ve made it easier to select the right LMS among such a great variety of learning platforms. Read our complete guide on how to choose an LMS.

LMSs with a Course Library

If you’re going to train your employees but have limited time or human resources, it may be reasonable to buy an LMS with an integrated course library. Some platforms have libraries containing hundreds or even thousands of ready-made courses on different topics.

Specialized LMSs designed to meet the needs of a particular industry or professional area typically offer much fewer eLearning courses, limited to those corresponding to their LMS niche. We’ve compiled 11 learning platforms integrated with course libraries. Take a look to find the one you need!

23. BizLibrary

BizLibrary is an online LMS designed to help companies improve and manage workplace training. It has all the standard LMS features like managing learners and content and reporting. It also has an integrated video library that contains more than 7,000 lessons covering every business training topic, including communication skills, leadership and management, sales and customer service, compliance training, desktop computer skills, and more.

24. Business Training TV

Business Training TV is an online training platform focused on video-based learning. It has an extensive library of video courses on human resources, health, wellbeing, safety, and leadership. You can also publish your own videos, slides, and text documents to the system, add quiz questions and combine all that into courses specific to your needs. The platform also supports SCORM -content.

25. Coggno

Coggno is an employee learning platform with a massive collection of eLearning courses. You can choose from thousands of courses in the Coggno catalog on different topics. The platform allows you to assign courses to your team from your desk and keep track of their progress. Your employees can also sign up for eLearning content they want to view on their own.

26. Teachlr Organizations

Teachlr Organizations is a cloud-based e-course authoring and learning management platform. It has a content catalogue with 600+ courses made by experts from around the world. There are courses on various topics including design, languages, marketing, music, and programming. Along with importing the content from the catalogue, you can also create simple courses on your own.

27. WorkWize

WorkWize is a powerful compliance-focused LMS designed to help training administrators and HR managers take compliance to the next level. It has a rapid authoring tool for creating unlimited SCORM courses from scratch, or customizing any of 40 ready-made courses available in the library. In addition to the eLearning options, Workwize has features to identify non-compliant teams, individuals or offices, plus; document sign-off/distribution for rolling out documents and proving acceptance and understanding.

28. DiscoverLink

DiscoverLink is an LMS for restaurants and hotels that provides an employee development solution for staff working in the hospitality industry. You can’t create courses on the platform yourself, but there’s a library that offers a wide range of ready-made eLearning courses. You can use the existing content as- is or have it customized to meet your needs and reflect your company’s branding.

29. Relias

Relias is a healthcare LMS that helps hospitals and other medical organizations better conduct training. The strong points of this platform are the webinar features that allow you to provide online CE training sessions, and the library containing 5,000+ training courses. Relias even offers interactive videos on topics such as safety and ethics, among others. The LMS also has tools for easily transforming existing training documents into online courses and creating custom courses from scratch.

30. Convergence

Convergence is an LMS designed specifically for the needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities. You can upload existing SCORM or AICC courses, videos, text documents, SharePoint resources, and links, or create simple courses, quizzes, surveys, and task lists right in the system. Plus, the LMS offers a wide variety of ready-made eLearning courses on industrial maintenance, transportation safety, mining safety, and more.

31. Vivid Learning Systems

Vivid Learning Systems offers an LMS for delivering training to safety professionals. It also has a content library that includes 20-minute courses covering OSHA’s General Industry training requirements, along with content for manufacturing, construction, electrical workers, OSHA 10 & 30, MSHA, and Department of Transportation safety standards. There’s also optional content that comprises printable supplemental materials like safety checklists, short safety tip videos, and 5-minute courses for refresher training on annual safety requirements.

32. The Retail Development Academy

The Retail Development Academy offers an LMS for retail industry training that can be deployed in local languages across approximately 40 countries. It has all the essential features like content and user management and reporting. Learners also have access to over 250 retail-specific eLearning courses covering a wide range of subjects including sales and customer service, buying and merchandising skills, selling to retailers, and more.

33. Skillcast

Skillcast is an LMS built to help businesses deliver mandatory and optional compliance training to their employees. The platform offers off-the-shelf as well as bespoke solutions that allow users to either choose courses from the existing library or create custom content. The library includes ready-made courses on different topics such as data protection, common health and safety hazards, risk management, anti-money laundering, and insurance. To build custom courses, users can either modify the existing modules or use the built-in content authoring tool to create new courses.

Online Virtual Classrooms

If an LMS is more focused on self-paced learning, a virtual classroom gives greater opportunities for group training. It’s a computer-based training tool that helps you create an environment where participants can communicate, view and discuss presentations and instructional videos and engage with other learning resources, all in an online setting.

It’s very similar to a traditional classroom, where there’s at least one instructor and the lesson is conducted in real time. The difference is that users are connected through the Internet and can participate from anywhere in the world. If this is what you were looking for, see our list of virtual classrooms.

34. Newrow Smart

Newrow Smart online virtual classrooms help to engage students in learning with an easy-to-use interface, high quality audio and video, and a suite of collaborative tools like a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, real time notes, and live quizzes. A virtual classroom can unite up to 25 live webcam participants and hundreds participating through text chat.

35. LearnCube

LearnCube Virtual Classroom is a learning management tool that offers live video and audio support, various classroom communication tools, class scheduling, and media sharing. During online classes, educators can interact with learners via video and text chat, use a whiteboard for explaining the learning material, and share content including PDFs, audio files, videos, and online quizzes and tests.


VEDAMO is a full-fledged eLearning solution that combines a virtual classroom and an LMS. With its virtual classroom, you can create an unlimited number of live interactive online sessions and work simultaneously with up to 25 learners per session. The LMS provides you with an easy-to-use solution to create and deliver your courses and manage your learners. With the built-in course editor, you can build simple courses with quizzes.

37. BrainCert

BrainCert is a cloud-based virtual classroom that comes with all the features necessary for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration between a presenter and learners. They include video conference in HD, a responsive whiteboard, moderation capabilities, screen sharing, session recording playback, class scheduler, and many more. You can customize your virtual classroom theme and colors by using the color picker tool.

Intranet Portals

An intranet portal is a private network that is usually implemented to improve collaboration and engagement within a company. Typical intranet functionality includes document management, company information distribution, admin automation, and communication. You can also use such portals as computer-based training tools. They allow you to upload learning content to help your staff develop skills and stay up to date.

We’ve collected a short list of the best intranets with a training delivery option that will help you find a solution that best suits your exact training needs.

38. GreenOrbit

GreenOrbit is a cloud-based intranet solution aimed at empowering the digital workplace. It has a complete set of intranet features like document management, staff profile, onboarding, and more. You can also use the platform as a learning hub. GreenOrbit CMS makes it easy to create, organisze, and publish learning content. To create the content, you can use built-in templates and easily drag and drop components onto a page: text, images, videos, calendars, maps, and more.

39. eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an open source digital workplace software that includes a number of collaboration, communication, employee reward, and knowledge management features. It gives employees access to a company’s knowledge base that consists of documents. Employees can directly view compliance documents and learning materials in all popular formats online. The platform also has an enterprise wikis option. Employees can use wiki pages to write and share reports, guidelines, manuals, and more.

40. Honey

Honey intranet gives employees a central location to find all the company information and resources they need. The platform makes it easy to organize, share, and access beautiful embedded learning content and rich media. The content can include text, links, images, files, code files, surveys, and rich media.

41. ShortPoint

ShortPoint allows you to build fully customizable beautiful intranet sites, portals, and business website pages. You can upload your learning materials in PPT, Excel, Word, and PDF formats, as well as embed training videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You can also create date lists to organize face-to-face trainings, webinars, and other training activities in one place.

Microlearning Platforms

A microlearning platform is a lifesaver for some trainers as it breaks information down into easily absorbed bite-sized chunks. Such a platform typically has a fast and easy-to-use authoring tool integrated into the LMS. Here, you’ll find brief descriptions of 9 microlearning platforms which will help you discover and narrow down your choices for a microlearning tool that is right for your company.

42. EduMe

EduMe is a microlearning platform designed for mobiles that works across all devices. It has a built-in authoring tool for creating microlearning courses. You can use the templates to build engaging courses consisting of text, images, links, quizzes, and videos. You can also use the card format to send updates on campaigns, products and learning opportunities to your learners.

43. TalentCards

TalentCards is a microlearning solution that lets you shrink your training material into easy- to- follow cards. You can create card sets and fill them with text, images, audio, links, and videos. To assess your learners’ performance, you can enhance the cards with multiple-choice tests. The solution has a leaderboard option that will help you gamify the training experience to encourage healthy competition among learners.

44. Oplift Engage

Oplift Engage lets your staff gain knowledge through microlearning. You can deliver the learning content in small chunks and add questions and tasks to assess your employees’ skills. For successfully completed courses and quizzes, you can award your learners with Oplift’s “Achievements.” All learning materials are stored in the knowledge base, which gives staff the ability to quickly search for anything they need to know at any time: the latest company news, product information, how-tos, and videos.

45. mLevel

mLevel is an interactive training tool focused on microlearning and gamification. It has built-in authoring software for creating so-called missions. When building a mission, you can choose from 17 game-based activities. After the mission is ready, you can assign it to learners. mLevel Analytics will display real-time data to determine the results of their training efforts. The platform also has several off-the-shelf training courses ready to go.

46. Learner Mobile

Learner Mobile is a versatile microlearning platform that allows you to create beautiful, bite-sized content in a flash. With the ready-to-go templates, you can quickly build eLearning courses with videos, images, and quizzes, or upload existing SCORM courses. The platform has a crowdsourcing algorithm that analyzes the users’ interaction with the content and pushes the best items to the top.

47. EdApp

EdApp is a microlearning LMS with an integrated authoring tool. Its microlearning is delivered via mobile but works on desktop as well. EdApp’s authoring tool provides you with a library of fully interactive templates. You just need to apply your branding and author your templates to construct lessons. You can create microcourses with your own video, text, and images, and quizzes that include different types of questions and assessments. The content can be integrated directly with EdApp’s cloud delivery system or exported to SCORM.

48. Grovo

Grovo is a microlearning platform with a built-in Create tool. You can build microlearning lessons from scratch using templates. You can add different types of content including text, video, images, and quiz questions, and upload documents. Plus, Grovo’s got 2500+ ready-made microlearning lessons on business, sales, compliance, and much more. You can take them as-is or tailor them to your needs.

49. Axonify

Axonify provides tools and services to help create results-oriented microlearning. It supports a variety of content including video uploads, YouTube, Vimeo, third-party hyperlinks, images, and text. You can also create tests and quizzes and reuse existing SCORM or xAPI modules. The platform also integrates with a library of ready-to-go video courses, and has a team of instructional designers who create customized content for clients.

50. Bigtincan Zunos

Bigtincan Zunos is a digital learning platform designed to help companies train their staff using microlearning. You can create training courses and deliver them in bite-sized pieces. To build a course you can upload your own existing learning materials or, curated content (TED Talks, YouTube tutorials, webinars) from the internet, or create something new with the drag-and-drop builder.

All the tools covered in this article are great for certain training tasks. Analyze your eLearning objectives and define your requirements to pick the most suitable training tool (or a few).

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Digital Marketing Specialist at iSpring Solutions www.ispringsolutions.com

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Kseniya Ibraeva

Digital Marketing Specialist at iSpring Solutions www.ispringsolutions.com

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