50 Free Teaching Tools That Aid Classroom Learning

Kseniya Ibraeva
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In the digital world we live in now, it is essential that teachers equip themselves with innovative educational technology tools. Technology is a trustworthy assistant that helps to make the teaching and learning processes more enjoyable and effective.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of free tools for teaching that will take your classroom to the next level and transform passive learning into active exploration. For the sake of convenience, we have grouped the tools carefully. Check out this listicle and experiment with the tools to find out which ones work best in your local context.

Tools for Building Interactive Lessons

This is a category of dynamic and interactive educational tools that make learning engaging for the students. They give life to your lessons with sound, videos, infographics, assessments, quizzes, and animation.

1. iSpring Free

iSpring Free is an eLearning authoring tool that allows you to turn boring PowerPoint presentations into mobile-compatible online courses with quizzes. The main advantage of the tool is its simplicity. Its intuitive interface enables any novice course developer to create an unlimited number of courses quickly and easily.

2. Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that lets you create fun learning games. You can make quizzes on any topic and in any language, and customize those quizzes with videos, diagrams, and images. Students participate in “kahoots” (games) by logging the game codes on their device or application.

3. Edpuzzle

With Edpuzzle, you can create interactive video lessons with embedded audio notes, assessments, and quizzes. Its analytics tool enables you to track how students are watching your videos and if they understand the content.

4. Starfall

Starfall is an online service that was initially designed to teach children to read. Its phonics-based learning model supports online games and print series, which can be downloaded for use at home and in the classroom. Now, it also features animated songs, movies, and mathematics activities for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 to 3.

5. SpellQuiz

SpellQuiz is another online service that is mainly focused on helping kids and adults to learn phonics. The platform contains English spelling lessons for individuals from Grade 1 to Adult, as well as fun quizzes and word games.

6. Quizzizz

Quizzizz is a web-based assessment tool that allows you to present quizzes on science, social sciences, computer science, technical education, and art to students as a timed test or homework with a specified deadline.

7. CommonLit

CommonLit is a database of literary instructional materials that you can use to develop lessons. You can choose a lesson from the digital library, share it with your students, assign them text-based questions, and analyze their performance.

8. Quill

Quill is a platform that has a set of tools for teaching writing, vocabulary, and grammar and includes over 400 exercises. You can guide your students to learn by reconstructing sentences, proofreading passages, writing new passages, and more.

9. Plickers

Plickers is a card activity that lets you poll your class, without the need for student devices. You just need to give each student a card (a “paper clicker”) and use your Android smartphone or tablet to scan them to do instant checks for understanding, exit tickets, and impromptu polls.

10. Powertalk

Powertalk is a presentation enhancement tool that automatically speaks your PowerPoint slides. When compared to other common ‘text-to-speech’ programs, Powertalk can speak text as it appears and can also speak hidden text attached to images.

11. FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys is a tool for building online tests, surveys, and forms. You can create quizzes using the drag-and-drop builder and 22 question types and fields, share them with your students and staff members, and analyze responses with its data reporting tool right from your mobile devices.

12. JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs is an online service that enables you to build Jeopardy games without PowerPoint, by using a simple editor. You can also choose from ready-made games created by the platform users on such subjects as foods, cities, countries, books, and hygiene.

13. Edgames

Edgames is an edutainment tool that provides educational activities, including board games, scrambled word games, sports-based games, and cards. You can help your students learn and understand personal hygiene, nutrition, current affairs, and many other things through playing games.

Classroom Management Tools

A teacher’s tasks include planning lessons, marking attendance, assigning homework, and grading. This is where you can benefit from classroom management tools — they can help you streamline all these processes and improve communication and the learning process.

14. Edmodo

Edmodo is software that enables you to bring your classroom online. It provides a number of online tools for teachers that allow the sharing of class materials, assigning homework, and displaying students’ grades. You can also join students into learning groups, exchange messages with students and parents, and manage calendar events.

15. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom management tool that enables schools to bring parents, teachers, school administrators, and students into classroom communities so they can track and enhance classroom behavior in real-time.

16. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free educational technology tool that allows you to create an online classroom, invite your students, and assign homework. You can also discuss assignments with your students online and track their progress.

17. Class123

Class123 is a classroom management platform that contains a chalkboard, seating chart, timer, random name picker, and many other tools necessary for efficient class management. You can also keep track of students’ attendance and behavior, share stories and photos on boards, and communicate via private messages.

18. Flubaroo

Flubaroo is a Google Spreadsheets Add-on designed for you to quickly create multiple-choice and fill-in assignments, grade and analyze online student performance, share scores with students, and assign stickers and badges on completed tasks.

19. Show My Homework

Show My Homework is free technology software for teachers that helps them make the setting, administering, and monitoring of homework much easier. Teachers can quickly assign homework and record student submissions and grades on the go with its mobile app.

Content Sources

With the enormous amount of educational digital content on the web, teachers can make their lessons even more useful and engaging. However, it is crucial to find trustworthy websites that provide valuable content. Here are a few sources of digital content you might find helpful in your teaching practice.

20. Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed is a platform that enables you to create educational lessons. You can build a lesson around video content and create assignments to assess how well students understand the material. You can also use ready-made videos from the specially curated “TED-Ed Originals” section that features lessons made by educators around the world.

21. YouTube Teachers

YouTube Teachers is a YouTube channel that allows you to leverage educational videos to inspire and engage your students. It contains over 400 video playlists created by leading organizations and industry experts such as the Khan Academy, Ted-Ed, and PBS.

22. YouTube Edu

YouTube Edu is another educational YouTube channel that provides extensive playlists on various subjects, from physics and chemistry to filmmaking and public speaking.

23. Ted Talks

Ted Talks are videos from industry experts and innovators on science, tech, business, and education subtitled in over 100 languages. You can integrate Ted Talks into your lessons to spark creativity and innovation in the minds of your students.

24. TeacherTube

TeacherTube is a free resource for teachers where they can share instructional videos and materials. You can upload your video tutorials and attach learning activities, assessments, and lesson notes to your videos. You can also browse other teachers’ content and connect with educators with similar interests.

25. SchoolTube

SchoolTube is a K-12 free video hosting platform that helps you integrate video content relating to subjects or concepts into your lessons without YouTube. The Free plan provides you with unlimited video hosting, video and audio creation apps, unlimited shareable playlists, automatic closed captioning, and a video quiz app.

26. Google Books

Google Books is a service from Google Inc. that provides access to unlimited books and magazines that Google has scanned, converted to text, and stored in its digital database. You can save, bookmark, or download books relating to the concepts you want to teach in class.

27. Readworks

Readworks helps students from elementary school to high school build their background knowledge and enhance their literacy skills. As a teacher, you can create reading groups based on their abilities and interests, monitor reading comprehension, and assign extra-credit tasks for students as they complete reading assignments.

28. Bibsonomy

Bibsonomy is an easy-to-use tool that helps you manage your publications and bookmarks, collaborate with your colleagues, and find new interesting materials for your research. You can tag publication entries and bookmarks to facilitate information searches.

29. Project Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a digital library with over 60,000 free e-books that you can download or read online. Here you’ll find the world’s great literature, with a focus on older works in the public domain.

30. Gapminder

Gapminder is a fact tank of animated statistics. The platform provides posters, interactive presentations, graphs, and handouts on global facts that can supplement instructional classroom materials.

Audio-Visual Design Tools

Audio-visual content is an effective asset for achieving your teaching-learning objectives. If you want to save time creating graphics, animation, or videos, or don’t have the requisite skills to work on advanced photo and video editing platforms like CorelDRAW and Photoshop, leverage easy-to-use tools from the list. The exciting thing is you can access them all for free.

31. Pixlr

Pixlr is a browser photo-editing tool that provides you with full control over your images. You can add filters, borders, and perform basic image editing by using over 3000 overlays, 5,000 decorative texts, and 7,000 icons.

32. Animoto

Animoto is an online video editor that enables you to convert photos and videos into slideshows. You just need to drag and drop your images and video clips into pre-built templates to create stunning slideshows that can be used as visual aids for classroom learning.

33. Pic-Lits

Pic-Lits is an eLearning literacy website that uses writing and photography to inspire and spark creative writing. You can create so-called “pic-lits” that are combinations of words placed on a photograph to render some story or the meaning of the picture and share them on your interactive whiteboard during a grammar or writing lesson.

34. Gickr

Gickr is a free online tool that lets you instantly create animated GIFs. You just need to upload your pictures or grab images from Flickr to make flashy slideshows, cartoons, or banners.

35. Smilebox

Smilebox is a web app that enables you to create slideshows, collages, greetings, invitations, photo albums, and scrapbooks. For example, as a teacher, you can make newsletters for your students, parent letters, certificates, and school photo albums and share them online.

36. Pixton

Pixton is a cartoon creation platform that can help you guide your students on creating comic strips to represent their understanding of concepts. It has numerous characters, different sets of comic strip layouts, and background options your students can use to design comics and storyboards.

37. Chartsbin

Chartsbin is a data visualization app used by teachers to introduce various topics with infographics. You can also leverage the tool to guide your students on creating infographics from the materials they have learned to show their mastery of the subject.

38. Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free data visualization platform that enables you to create interactive graphs, stunning maps, and live dashboards in minutes. You can use it to manage in-class exercises and homework assignments and connect with a vibrant community of data enthusiasts.

39. Roxio Photoshow Maker

Roxio Photoshow Maker is an online tool that allows you to combine images, video clips, and soundtracks to create slideshow stories. You can make them look even more professional and engaging by adding captions, effects, and transitions.

40. Ezvid Wikimaker

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free video creator powered by voice synthesis. It was initially designed to allow researchers and journalists to turn text into video wikis. But you can create video tutorials with images and video clips. You don’t even need to record a voiceover — when you add text, it will be automatically transformed into narration.

41. Free Cam

Free Cam provides a full set of features for creating professional video lessons and eLearning presentations. You can easily record screencasts, edit recorded videos, and upload to YouTube or email them to your students.

42. MakeBeliefsComix

MakeBeliefsComix is an in-browser comic creator that provides you with multiple ways to use it in a classroom environment. For example, you can have your students create comic strips to practice new vocabulary, develop conversation skills, or inspire creative writing.

43. Vocaroo

Vocaroo is an online tool that helps record, send, and download your voice notes. You can use it for podcasting, broadcasting, digital storytelling, or giving feedback. Recordings are available for a few months (usually three months).

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Communication and collaboration are important aspects of both teaching and learning. We’ve compiled a list of tools that will help you make these processes even easier and more efficient. Here you’ll find teaching communities, tools for sharing educational resources and tips, and apps for conducting online discussions.

44. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an online service that provides a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience for Pre-K to PhD educators, learners, and families. You can create a discussion topic and share it with your learning community. In response, learners will record and share their videos with you and your team.

45. Goboard

Goboard is an online collaborative tool that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas. It is designed to help students collaborate one-on-one on virtually any topic. Goboard features a digital blackboard, so users can share their notes, pictures, and calculations.

46. Teaglo

Teaglo is the only global social network designed specifically for teachers. You can post your resources and educational tips, comment, like, repost other teachers’ materials, and build professional connections.

47. Loop

Loop enables you to gather feedback from your students in real-time. You can type in your questions or pick ones from a library of best practice questions. Students will receive notifications and can reply instantly.

48. Teach Learn Lead

Teach Learn Lead is a community dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and connecting new teachers as they navigate their early careers in the classroom. It includes the global education library that is a curated epicenter of K-20 research and professional development resources.

49. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free word processor included as part of a Google Docs suite within the Google Drive service. It enables you to create and edit your own documents, check your students’ writings, and add comments to provide them with feedback.

50. Bloomz

Bloomz is an interactive app that enables teachers and schools to share classroom updates, events, and photos with parents securely. You can send an alert notification of the next parent-teacher meeting to emails and smartphones with a single click.


We hope you found this helpful. If you can think of other free tools that can help improve the teaching-learning experience in the classroom, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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