70:20:10 Learning Model: How to Enhance it with Technology

How it all Began

  • 70% from challenging assignments;
  • 20% from developmental relationships;
  • 10% from coursework and training.

How to Apply

  • 70% of learning is experiential. It comes from experiences employees face at work.
  • 20% is social or peer to peer learning. It is delivered through mentoring, feedback, and relationships with colleagues.
  • 10% is formal learning. It is conducted through training sessions.

Experiential Learning (70%)

Instead of working with a dummy, students face a more realistic scenario
The gamified experience takes about ten minutes
When used in the repair shop, Augmented Reality increases both the speed and quality of vehicle repairs
Dr Anthony Skip Basiel

Social Learning (20%)

  • create discussion groups for sharing information about a project;
  • carry out surveys to get feedback and suggestions on training courses;
  • create closed or secret groups and upload course material and assignments.
IBM Training channel intro
Dr Anthony Skip Basiel
This method helped them reduce training time from 6 weeks to 3 days

Formal Learning (10%)

  1. Create a learning program, which may include PPT presentations, documents, audio, video and SCORM courses.
  2. Add learners and assign them to the courses.
  3. Keep track of your employees’ results and measure the effectiveness of the training.
Dr Anthony Skip Basiel

To sum up

About the expert

Dr Anthony Skip Basiel



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