• Kimberly Morrow, UX Design & VTS

    Kimberly Morrow, UX Design & VTS

    User Experience (UX) Design Strategist, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Facilitator, Children’s Book Author-Illustrator: medium.com/@kmorrowauthorillustrator

  • Rene’ Oliver

    Rene’ Oliver

    The bean counter’s wife At Last. Ass-kicking bonus mom. Instructional Design Career Coach. Storyteller. Higher Education eLearning Leader. Florida Gator.

  • avni vij

    avni vij

    Writer. Poet. Mother of Cats. I write about creativity, productivity, habits, learning, social change and about life.

  • Kash Gunaretnam

    Kash Gunaretnam

    UX/UI Designer | Front -end Developer.

  • Jackie Xu

    Jackie Xu

  • Krishnan Sivaramakrishnan

    Krishnan Sivaramakrishnan

  • Dogura Magura

    Dogura Magura

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